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Winter Tea Ceremony in Hatsukaichi

White Scape

In celebration of celebrating the 20th anniversary of World Heritage registration of Itsukushima Shrine in December 2016, I held a tea ceremony "Whitescape" based on "white". At this tea ceremony, I established a tea room specially in the gallery space where it is not usual, and at the same time, I also created an tea garden utilizing the gallery space. Normally the basic format of the traditional tea garden is decided, and this tea ceremony is also based on designed accordingly. The customer passes through Machiai(waiting room), Chumon(the middle gate), Tsukubai(washbasin set) etc. in the exhibition room and proceeds to the tea room. In order to introduce the cultural capabilities of Miyajima in Hiroshima boasting one of the premier cultural heritage and facilities in the prefecture more widely, more than 50 companies, organizations and individuals have provided funding and holding has been realized. Planning, space design and various tools were designed for this tea ceremony by me.

February 11-19, 2017


Art Gallery Miyauchi in Hiroshima, Japan

General director, Planning, Performance, All design

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