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Saturday, April 22nd (EDT)
・Morning Session  10:30am-12:00pm
・Afternoon Session  2:00

Globus Washitsu
(889 Broadway PHC New York, NY 10003)

Price: $100

Tea Ritual
"Cherry Blossom Viewing 2023"

The cherry blossom season has finally arrived!

Cherry blossoms are the symbolic flower of Japan and also the most beloved flower of the Japanese people.

In Japan, Ohanami(cherry blossom viewing parties) are held in spring under the cherry trees, where people enjoy Bento(lunch box), drinks, and tea with family and friends while admiring the cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms are not just a flower for Japanese people, but a special flower that teaches us about life. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they fall in the blink of an eye. This beautiful, fleeting, and graceful falling is deeply connected to the view of life that the samurai aspired to.

Detailed instructional video: Click here

At this tea ritual, we would like to enjoy delicious matcha with everyone while eating Ohanami dango(three-colored dumplings), an essential part of the cherry blossom viewing experience. We will be using Tabidansu (portable tea utensils set) used for enjoying matcha outside and tsurigama, a kettle suspended by a chain. 

Please join us to celebrate the arrival of spring this year!

Language: Japanese and English


Detail of this tea ritual

1. Ohanami dango(three-colored dumplings)
2. Tea Ritual
3. Discussion time

*The contents are subject to change.

*If you have allergies, vegetarianism, or other dietary requirements, please contact us at least three days prior to the tea ritual.

Dress code: 

Western-style clothes are acceptable. No sleeveless shirts, or short mini skirts. Please bring a clean pair of white socks. (We have some extra)

Please take off jewelry and watches.

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Sunday, April 23rd (EDT)

Orthopedic Movement Physical Therapy
(315 Madison Avenue, Suite 1200, NY 10017)

Price: $35

Be present with yourself and the earth
A moment of stillness: The ritual of Matcha and Water

Tea ceremony aims to connect with Zen spirituality and seek harmony with nature through the ritual of drinking matcha. In celebration of Earth Day, we will also perform the special water ceremony called "Meisuidate.” Let's purify our bodies and feel oneness with nature!

Language: Japanese and English

Dress code: 

Stretching clothes are recommended as you will be sitting on the floor.

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