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The Tea Ceremony “Shaza Kissa” 2018

In Japan, an event called Tangono Sekku of the Japanese Boy's Festival on May 5 will be held from ancient times. This is a wish for the boy to grow up as a great samurai. Ueda Soko who established Ueda Soko Ryu was a samurai, so members of Ueda Soko Ryu value this traditional event every year even now. At this tea ceremony we provided on tea to about 100 people. In this tea ceremony, I designed a temporary tea room according to the traditional way of continuing from ancient times. In addition, I choiced tea ceremony equipment and was in charge of setting of the tea room and the performance of the tea ceremony etc.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

9:00AM ~ 15:00PM

Koshin-ji temple in Hiroshima, Japan

Planning, Performance, All design

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