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Tea Ceremony of Soko-ki at Saikoku-ji temple 2018

I held a tea ceremony to remember the death of Ueda Soko who is the founder of Ueda Soko Ryu at Saikokuji temple in Hiroshima. Saikokuji temple has a history of 1,300 years and is widely known as one of the most authoritative temples in temples in western Japan. It is also famous for possessing important cultural assets of many countries. In this tea party, after a Buddhist prayer was first offered to Ueda Soko, we provided kaiseki cuisine (Japanese traditional tea cuisine) and acted tea for 15 people concerned. I was in charge of the overall design and performance of the tea ceremony.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

7:00PM ~ 9:00PM

Saikokui-ji temple in Hiroshima, Japan

Design, Performance

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