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Kaiun Tea Ceremony

In the tea ceremony world, in December we will hold a tea ceremony inviting the important person for ownself as one year's closing. I did tea ceremony as the finale to the year 2017 and held "Kaiun tea ceremony"(Kaiun means good luck in English). I invited four guests to a tea room in Soraiken garden designated as important cultural property of Onomichi city, Hiroshima prefecture. The tea room is a strictly copied from a tea room which is a Japanese national treasure called Taian who built in Kyoto 400 years ago. Taian has only 2 tatami (2 m * 2 m) of room size, the smallest tea room in Japanese tea ceremony history. (There are usually 4 m * 4 m or more even for small tea rooms). Tea ceremony in this space is longing for all tea people, but because it is very narrow, it is said that you can not use it unless you are an experienced skilled tea person. I have led the success as a general director to this tea ceremony in this extremely small space. At the same time, I am also in charge of planning, design, performance, kaiseki cuisine, sweets making etc.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

12:00AM ~ 4:00PM

Soraiken Garden in Hiroshima, Japan

General director, Planning, Performance, All design, Coocking

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