Sun, June 26th (EDT)
・Morning Session 10:00-11:30AM
・Afternoon Session 1:30-3:00 PM

Price: $100

Samurai Tea Ceremony 
"Savoring Matcha and Incense"

The world of tea ceremony is deep and full of various pleasures. Not only do we enjoy drinking matcha together, but we also enjoy flowers and incense together.

June is the wettest month of the year in Japan, before summer begins in earnest, and is known as the rainy season. While the high humidity makes it more comfortable to spend time in this season, it has long been considered the best time to cook incense.

Although it is not practiced much anymore, there is a ritual in the world of the tea ceremony called Kōshomō 香所望.

In this ceremony, incense burned by a first guest is passed around and enjoyed by all participants. After the incense has calmed the mind, a cup of matcha tea becomes even more special. We will be offering two types of incense.

Plus, as always, a seasonal meal will be served and we look forward to seeing you there!

Language: Japanese and English


Detail of this tea ritual

1. Kōshomō(Incense Ritual)

2. Kaiseki cuisine*

  • Ritual Description

  • Explanation of traditional incense sniffing etiquette

2. Tea Ritual

  • Tea ritual performance

  • How to drink matcha

  • Each person has a cup of Matcha.

3. Discussion time

  • The history of the Japanese tea ritual

  • The relationships between samurai and tea ceremony

  • The spirituality of tea ceremony

  • Introduction of the tools that we use

  • Question and answer

*The contents are subject to change.

*If you have allergies, vegetarianism, or other dietary requirements, please contact us at least three days prior to the tea ritual.


Dress code: 

Western-style clothes are acceptable. No sleeveless shirts, or short mini skirts. Please bring a clean pair of white socks. (We have some extra)

Please take off jewelry and watches.


Sun June 19th
・1st session    12:00-12:45
・2nd session   1:00-1:45
・3rd session    2:00-2:45
・4th session    3:00-3:45
・5th session    4:00-4:45

The Loft at Japan Village
(934 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11232)

Price: $50

Tea Ceremony
“Whisper of Summer"

CHASHITSU offers Japanese Traditional Tea ceremonies as well as various different Japanese sweets to pair with the finest tea for an unforgettable cultural experience.

You will be able to enjoy a 45-minute session of a Japanese tea ceremony, a cup of ceremonial grade tea and accompanying sweets.

From our tea master:

"We can finally hear the sounds of the beginning of summer.

At this time of year, we at Japanese tea ceremony welcome our guests by creating a cool atmosphere through tea utensils to ease the summer heat.

We have prepared cool tea bowls and Japanese sweets to welcome you.

Let's enjoy the beginning of summer together while sipping matcha in peace and quiet!"


If interested, please purchase ticket within 48 hours due to limited availability.

Due to high demand, tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Email us in case of any concerns and questions. 

Please note that canceling and lateness will result in a 50% fee of the price of 1 ticket. ($25)

Please note that you will be required to remove your shoes upon entering the tea room.