Chanoyu Talks -Basic knowledge of Kuchikiri

October 30th, 2020

In November, the ritual of Kuchikiri is held.
Kuchikiri is a ritual to unseal the tea leaves picked in May and left to mature for half a year in...


Chanoyu Talks on Zoom : Samurai Tea Rooms

August 28, 2020

I'm here to introduce you to tea rooms in Wafudo!
The tour will include an explanation of the different types of tearooms and their characteristics, as well as the sights and sounds of the tearooms in the Japanese-style hall of the samurai tea ceremony school, the Ueda Soko School, which is ......


Chanoyu Talks on Zoom:Chawan 02

July 7, 2020

In Chanoyu Talks -CHAWAN 02, we will focus on Wamono Chawan(Japanese tea bowls). Among the many beautiful artifacts used in Chanoyu, the most popular is the Chawan. There are three main types of...


Japanese Samurai Tea Ceremony "The Ritual of Kuchikiri 2020

November 22th, 2020

In Japan, there is an important ritual in November called “Kuchikiri” which we open Chatsubo (tea urn) filled with tea leaves. Chatsubo is...


Japanese Samurai Tea Ceremony - Hina-matsuri Festival

Mar. 29, 2020

In Japan, a traditional event called Hina-matsuri Festival is held on March 3 every year. This event is held to pray for the healthy growth of girls, and families display Hina dolls to celebrate. In addition, we eat white sake, ...


茶の湯Life:第1回「茶の湯の歴史 編」

November 14th, 2020