Tea Ceremony Class

Chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony/ tea ritual) is a traditional Japanese art form with 800 years of history. It has developed by incorporating the spirit of Zen and Bushido into the very everyday act of drinking tea.

The purpose of gathering in a tea room to quietly drink powdered green tea is to calm the mind, unite everyone present, and create deep communication that transcends words.

Through the rituals of chanoyu, which have been practiced for more than 400 years, our chanoyu classes provide a means of escaping the daily stresses and pressures of our modern society and the daily information overload that we live with, and a means of balancing the mind and body.

Let's take your long life's journey with Chanoyu!


Chanoyu, also known as The Way of Tea, is an art that takes a long time to master, similar to martial arts, yoga, and Zen practice.

In our classes, we start with the basics, and then carefully guide students to gradually improve their spirituality and technique.

Beginners who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture and chanoyu are welcome to join us.



Mahattan Class

Globus Tea Room

889 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Days: Every Saturday
Time: Morning Class 10:00am-/ Afternoon Class 2:00pm-
Fee: $50 / lesson 
Language: Japanese and English

Brooklyn Class

The Loft at Japan Village

934 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11232

Days: Every Wednesday
Time: Morning Class 11:00am-/ Afternoon Class 2:00pm-
Fee: $50 / lesson 
Language: Japanese and English